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Mustang preforming a Dressage Freestyle Mustang doing Prix St Georges
Natural Horsemanship exhibitions, she then moved on to her dressage career, earning Mustang of the Year at training level. My instructor came across Mariah for one of her previous student. Eventually,

she just didn't have the time to ride her.  So naturally, I fell in love with her before she was mine and made an offer to buy her.  She is so unassuming.  At the time I first met Mariah, the barn was full with fancy German horses.  One look at her, and you thought to yourself "oh how cute, but why is she here?".  Until she starts working of course, then she lights up the arena! Mariah is a joy to ride as she is very intelligent, sturdy and has the constitution of a real “workman”.She is proving to be quite a nice show pony as she and I earned our scores for the USDF bronze and Silver medal rider’s award in just three seasons. Mariah  and I are currently training FEI movements through the Grand Prix -Melynnda

Update: After working with Mariah for over six years, I have decided to retire her from the work in the FEI. I believe she has reached her potential and earned a lighter job teaching others. My good friend Katie R. has her now where she enjoys rides with her, a pasture and a companion pony. She is surely in good hands and loved dearly!

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